Kyoto City Museum of Art
Collection Policy

The Museum will continue to actively add significant artworks and documents to the collection, focusing on Kyoto art from the beginning of the Modern period* to the present, in order to maintain a comprehensive** world-class collection, as follows:

1. Works of significance dating from the Modern period to the present

2. Works by artists that exemplify new directions in contemporary art

3. Works by Japanese artists and artists from abroad that are in significant relation to works from the Modern period to the present.

4. Works by major artists that reflect style transitions in different periods

5. The Museum has a long-range plan to continue collection of artworks and documents according to the above conditions.

*Generally refers to the Meiji period (1868-1912), but works from the 17th century are included due the influence of the earlier Edo period (1603-1868).

**Aside from Japanese painting, Western painting, prints, sculpture, craft, calligraphy, and works in new categories such as photography and video arts will be included.

14th November, 2018

Number of works (as of 31th March, 2021)

Japanese painting:1249

Western painting:822