Browsing Support


Browsing support functions differ depending on the particular device, browser, and settings.

Font and screen size
Set in browser, as follows:

・Inernet Explorer

Select ‘font size’ from “Display” in the menu bar to set the desired font size

(see here for details)

・Google Chrome

Select ‘Zoom’ in the menu bar at the top right of the screen

(see here for details)


Select ‘enlarge’ from “Display” in the menu bar

(see here for details)

Audio Guidance

Available for computers and smartphones as follows:

PC Audio Guidance:


Select ‘Narrator’ for on-screen text readout

(see here for details)

Microsoft Edge audio guidance setting may differ from the above.(see here for details)


Select ‘speech’ from “edit” in the menu bar to read out text on the screen.

(It is also possible to use VoiceOver inside the iOS. see here for details)

Smart Phone Audio Guidance:


Open the ‘settings’ application. Find ‘accessibility’ and select the voice-to-speech function setting.

(see here for details)


In the ‘settings’ application, go to “advanced settings” and under “accessibility” select “select and read aloud” to hear the selected text

(see here for details)